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neck pain New Albany doctor

Also known as the cervical spine, the neck is comprised of vertebrae that extend from the skull to the upper torso. The bones, muscles and ligaments of the neck support the head and allow for motion.

And as the body moves, its cervical disks absorb shock between the bones. Any injury, inflammation or abnormality can cause neck pain. 

Contact sports, poor posture and whiplash can all cause neck pain. While some neck pain goes away on its own, neck pain that persists for more than a week requires medical attention. Continual neck pain may be a sign of a serious injury or illness. That's where we come in.

Our neck pain doctors at 1st Choice Health & Wellness in New Albany, IN can help alleviate your neck pain, no matter the cause. 

Other Causes of Neck Pain

The neck is susceptible to injury, especially in car accidents and falls where the neck muscles are forced to move out of its typical range. If the neck is fractured or dislocated, the spinal cord may also be injured.

Diseases, injuries and conditions that can result in neck pain include:

- Muscle Spasms
- Arthritis
- Osteoporosis
- Fibromyalgia
- Herniated Disk
- Text Neck

Arthritis causes a swelling of the joints, and osteoporosis weakens neck bones and may result in tiny fractures. And as you age, cervical disks can degenerate and add stress to the joints. When a cervical disk protrudes, it can add pressure to the nerve roots or spinal cord. This is called a ruptured disk or herniated cervical disk.

Treatment for Neck Pain in New Albany, IN

Treatment for neck pain will depend on the diagnosis. At 1st Choice Health and Wellness, our experienced New Albany neck pain chiropractors and physical therapists use a comprehensive methodology for an accurate diagnosis. We also offer a treatment plan that is multi-faceted and holistic in its combination of nutritional counseling, physical therapy and chiropractic treatment.

Physical therapy treatment is designed to eliminate neck pain and build flexibility and strength. Treatment may include chiropractic, ultrasound, exercise, massage and low-level laser

Our chiropractors implement the latest, advanced chiropractic techniques that help patients get pain relief for neck pain. Expect to find state-of-the-art technology at 1st Choice Health and Wellness. 

We use Hivamat technology to reduce neck inflammation, pain and discomfort. This technology uses pulsed electrostatic energy, which has a kneading effect on damaged tissue in the cervical area. Its deep penetrating vibration improves lymph drainage, circulation and the absorption of nutrients.

We also utilize cold laser therapy for the treatment of neck pain. This therapy accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself and is effective for relieving cervical pain due to sprains and other neck conditions.

Conventional treatment for neck pain usually consists of anti-inflammatory drugs and exercise. 

Call Our Neck Pain Doctor In New Albany For Pain Relief

At 1st Choice Health and Wellness, we offer a different approach that is both natural and effective. As a matter of fact, research has shown that the combination of physical therapy, chiropractic and nutritional counseling is more effective than mediation for neck pain relief.

If you’re suffering from neck pain and need to see a neck pain doctor in New Albany for treatment, give us a call today at (812) 220-0038!


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