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A complex "ball and socket" jointly held together by tendons, muscles, and ligaments, the shoulder is prone to injuries and wear-and-tear diseases because of its ability to perform a wide variety of movements. While overexertion of the shoulder joint is a common cause of shoulder pain and stiffness, any time you suffer shoulder pain that does not diminish in a few days could indicate something more serious is affecting your shoulder than a simple strain.

Whenever New Albany residents are in need of shoulder pain relief, they always call 1st Choice Health & Wellness to make an appointment for effective, drug and surgery free shoulder pain treatment.

shoulder pain New Albany chiropractor pain relief

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Misalignment of the Spine

Vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignment) involving vertebrae that have shifted out of their normal positions can press against nerves extending out of the spine and into all areas of the body, including your shoulders. Irritated and inflamed nerves due to vertebral subluxation can produce intense shoulder pain and muscle stiffness that does not respond to rest, NSAIDs or hot/cold compresses.


An inflammatory condition affecting the shoulder bursa (fluid-filled sacs streamlining movement within the shoulder joint) and tendons, bursitis can affect people of all ages but seems to target those who have abnormally shaped joint bones and decreased space within the joint. In addition, bursa or tendon thickening due to minor inflammation may provoke symptoms of bursitis. Pain when raising your arms above your head, localized pain accompanied by tenderness and swelling and reduced range of motion are common signs of bursitis. Chiropractic shoulder pain treatment eliminates inflammation of bursa sacs and restores range of motion.


Although arthritis is primarily seen in people over 50, athletes and people who engage in rigorous exercise may suffer post-traumatic arthritis when a shoulder sustaining the previous injury fails to heal properly. If you are diagnosed with shoulder arthritis, your chiropractor in New Albany will apply chiropractic techniques such as adjustments, therapeutic massage and physical therapy to alleviate the inflammation and pain of arthritis without prescribing pain medications.

Rotator Cuff Tears

Designed to protect and stabilize your shoulder joints, rotator cuff muscles often suffer repetitive motion injuries causing acute pain in the upper arm and shoulder. Rotator cuff injury pain usually intensifies when you raise your arms above your shoulders. Delaying chiropractic treatment for a rotator cuff injury will promote worsening of stiffness, pain and debilitating weakness in the affected shoulder.

Cervical Radiculopathy

Cervical radiculopathy occurs when nerve roots innervating the cervical vertebrae just below the base of the skull suffer compression and inflammation. Causing pain, weakness, and numbness in your hands, arms, upper back, shoulders and chest, cervical radiculopathy can also impair your ability to complete daily tasks requiring coordination, flexibility and hand strength. Herniated discs, arthritis, degenerative bone disorders and physical trauma are common causes of cervical radiculopathy.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Our chiropractor in New Albany offers an effective variety of chiropractic, Erchonia Low Level Laser and physical therapy techniques to reduce soft tissue inflammation and initiate your body's natural healing processes. In addition, adjustments, massage therapy, and physical therapy promote the release of white blood cells, hormones and other therapeutic chemicals necessary for implementing holistic repair of a shoulder injury. Other benefits of shoulder pain treatment provided by 1st Choice Health & Wellness include:

  • Enhances flexibility and strength through partial absorption of scar tissue
  • Removes pressure off nerve roots for rapid reduction of inflammation and swelling
  • Expedites recovery time so you can resume normal activities more quickly

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