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How Does Physical Therapy Help with Neck Pain? | Neck Doctor New Albany, IN

patient needing physical therapy for neck pain treatment in New Albany, Indiana

How Does Physical Therapy Help As Neck Pain Treatment? Our New Albany Physical Therapist Explains

Neck pain is a difficult problem to handle because it typically stems from multiple health concerns. 

Depending on the underlying cause of the neck pain problem, you may need physical therapy to address the situation and reduce your neck pain. 

Understanding the treatment process allows you to determine when to seek treatment with a licensed physical therapist. If you are suffering from neck pain and need a doctor in New Albany, IN, treatment with our physical therapist may be the solution you need.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

Physical therapy is the process of blending exercises and physiology to accomplish a specific goal. At our clinic, we use exercises to improve mobility, reduce pain and encourage your body to heal from neck injuries or discomforts, or even "text neck." The treatments help with pain stemming from muscles, joints or the spine to improve your situation and health.

The benefits of physical therapy for neck pain depend on your goals and situation. Generally, physical therapy can help

  • Improve your overall mobility and the flexibility of your neck

  • Reduce the amount of pain you experience from the neck injury or the discomfort in your muscles

  • Restore and strengthen the muscles in your neck. As a result, your neck has the ability to properly support your head and you have a lower risk of injuries in the future. 

Over time, physical therapy allows you to return to your normal activities and allows you to move forward with your life by healing the problem.

What to Expect at Our Clinic

When you visit our clinic, our lead physical therapist, Tim Miller, evaluates the underlying cause of your neck pain before working on a treatment plan. Since each individual has different problems contributing to the pain, a plan of action must recognize the cause of the discomfort.

We use advanced tools, such as IASTM, to look for potential complications. For example, we rule out broken bones or other health problems before starting a treatment plan to prevent further injuries or risks to your health. We may also ask about your medical history when concerns arise in relation to your neck pain.

After diagnosing the cause of your pain, we develop a plan of action to treat the injuries or root cause of the pain. Physical therapy uses a variety of exercises to work on mobility, flexibility and strength, so we focus on the most appropriate exercises for your situation. 

Chiropractic treatment may also be in conjunction with treatment if appropriate, such as performing a neck adjustment, as part of the treatment plan.

Physical therapy for your neck pain allows you to move forward and heal from the injuries. Depending on your goals and the cause of your pain, we are here to develop a plan to help improve your individual situation. 

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