Yes, A Chiropractor Can Help Relieve Your Lower Back Pain. Here’s How.

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Yes, A Chiropractor Can Help Relieve Your Lower Back Pain. Here’s How

Chronic lower back pain is a big problem in America. Some people think prescription medications and/or surgery are the only solutions available to them. 

Not so

People experiencing low back pain have many alternative treatment options, like chiropractic. 

But some patients may be skeptical or uncertain what chiropractors do as back pain doctors or what treatment entails. 

People don’t realize that chiropractors go beyond “cracking” or “popping” backs. 

There are many ways chiropractors help relieve chronic lower back pain, some of which you’re probably not aware of. Here are the facts:

Chiropractic is strongly supported by research to help with back pain. 

Whether it’s research on spinal manipulation, acupuncture, or specifically for women and men’s health, you’ll find many clinical studies online outlining the benefits of chiropractic care to treat lower back pain.

Chiropractic is more than chiropractic adjustments.  

Even though we’re best known for the use of spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustment), we’re much more than that. Most chiropractic clinics, like ours in New Albany, IN, take a natural, whole-body approach that combines other forms of treatment, such as

-Low Level Laser Therapy (One is even FDA-Cleared for chronic back pain)


-Physical Therapy

-Spinal Decompression

-Soft-tissue therapy

-Massage Therapy

-Strengthening/Core Exercises and Stretches 

-Pain Injections

-Kinesiology Taping

-Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle Advice

Your first visit is about understanding your health history and current state by performing a comprehensive evaluation and examination to come out with the most appropriate treatment program for your needs.

Yes, chiropractic involves manipulating the ligaments and vertebrae of the spine, but it goes beyond one exclusive method.

Many chiropractic clinics have other medical practitioners on staff. 

Many chiropractic clinics staff or partner with a comprehensive medical team that consists of physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritional counselors, athletic trainers and many others. Chiropractic practices, like ours, use a combination of various treatments and therapies to treat specific pain problems. 

Many chiropractors use x-rays and other diagnostic tools.  

Many patients are surprised to learn that chiropractors use advanced tools like x-rays to diagnose a health problem. X-rays give us important information to help decide on a highly customized treatment solution.

Chiropractic may be a safer option than prescription meds

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, natural form of health care. With the nationwide epidemic we’re having with prescription opioid overuse, it makes sense to choose a drug-free approach to back pain care relief. 

Chiropractic is more cost-effective.

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