Heart Disease Testing

What is Boston Heart Diagnostics Testing in New Albany?

When your heart health is assessed through Boston Heart Diagnostics testing at 1st Choice Health and Wellness, you are given a unique series of specialized blood tests broken into 4 parts of heart disease --genetics, inflammation, lipids (cholesterol) and metabolic--that provide detailed information about the current health of your cardiovascular system, whether you could be at risk for heart disease.

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These in-depth assessments help you and your doctor make informed decisions about medication and nutritional options, treatment protocols, lifestyle changes and what should be done if you are found to be at risk for heart problems. In addition, the Boston Heart Lifestyle Program incorporates your exercise and food preferences with the results of your blood test to create a customized activity and nutrition plan intended to benefit your unique health needs.

Boston Heart HDL Map® Test

When you start the Boston Heart Diagnostics Test program at our New Albany wellness clinic, you will be informed about several blood tests we need to fully evaluate your heart health and risk factors. The Boston Heart HDL Map® Test measures high density lipoprotein levels in your blood stream, a type of cholesterol that is actually good for your health. An essential fat for providing cellular stability, HDL cholesterol helps remove "bad" cholesterol (LDL, or low density lipoproteins) by transporting it to your liver for processing and maintains health of blood vessel endothelium (the inner walls). When the walls of blood vessels start suffering deterioration, atherosclerosis may occur which clogs arteries and is a major reason for heart attacks.

Boston Heart Cholesterol Balance® Test

Everybody makes and assimilates both HDL and LDL at varying rates. How well you produce and absorb cholesterol dictates how your body responds to medical, nutritional and/or lifestyle therapies for preventing plaque from clogging your arteries and vessels. Drugs treating cholesterol imbalances are designed to reduce how much the body absorbs or produces cholesterol. The Boston Heart Cholesterol Balance® Test is vital for helping your healthcare professional understand exactly what kind of medication or nutrition you may need to efficiently regulate LDL and HDL levels. In fact, this unique test is the only lab test available that identifies and measures the balance between the absorption and production of cholesterol in your body.

Boston Heart Prediabetes Assessement®

Many people don't realize how much diabetes can negatively affect your heart because diabetes directly impacts blood glucose levels. However, nearly seven out of 10 diabetics die from heart disease or heart complications due to diabetes. People with Type 2 diabetes often have co-occurring diseases such as high blood pressure, high triglycerides and abnormal cholesterol production and/or absorption. Triglycerides are fats resulting from food not converted to calories that are stored in fat cells and later used for energy when you are not eating. Consuming more calories than you oxidize (especially fats and carbohydrates) may lead to hypertriglyceridemia, a risk factor for heart disease.

The Boston Heart Prediabetes Assessement® can also tell your doctor if you are a risk for prediabetes or for developing Type 2 diabetes over the next 10 years. By proactively determining if you may be at risk for diabetes, you and your doctor in New Albany can develop a treatment plan to prevent the possible onset of diabetes and heart disease.

The Boston Heart Fatty Acid Balance Test

This test measures fatty acid levels in your body for the purpose of disease management and cardiovascular risk evaluation. While fatty acids are necessary for maintaining heart health, excessive amounts of saturated fat and trans-fats in your bloodstream causes clogged arteries due to high blood cholesterol. Alternately, unsaturated fats keep arteries unclogged and cholesterol at healthy levels.

By combining the results of your Boston Heart Diagnostics Testing (performed in-house at our wellness center) with your current lifestyle, family medical history, use of medications and other clinical factors, we can utilize a scientific, cardio-informatics system of overall heart assessment to give you a complete picture of your present and future cardiovascular health.

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