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A 1st Choice Health & Wellness Answers Why You Should Purchase an Air Purifier

1st Choice Health & Wellness is proud to carry air purifiers that remove pollutants from the air. These clinically proven air purifiers provide relief from allergies, asthma, sinus problems, COPD, chemical sensitivity and other problems caused by dust, dander, and pollen.

Air filtration systems on your vacuum cleaner help with some of the airborne particles that could make you and your family sick. Air purifiers remove even more of the same particles. Our partner carrier, Austin Air, is the only manufacturer to have products designated as Medical Grade Air Purifiers.

We at 1st Choice Health & Wellness, serving the New Albany IN region, recommend purchasing an air purifier to improve your health. The world population has to deal with toxins our ancestors never had to deal with, especially here in the Ohio Valley.

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Definition of an Air Purifier

An air purifier removes the harmful contaminates in the air. In particular, it eliminates many of the allergens in the air. For people who smoke indoors, the purifier will reduce the toxins in the air. The purifier will also significantly decreases the dust and mold spores. Additionally, purifiers kill some the bacteria and viruses.

Types of Air Purifiers

Several types of air purifiers exist. It's vital you select a size that works well with the size of the room you put the purifier in. You'll waste electric if you select one that purifies a larger space than necessary. The purifiers are also specific to the purpose you need them for. For instance, you may purchase a purifier from Austin Air specifically for a bedroom. It addresses issues that cause sleep problems. This particular variety of machine removes particular matter of all sizes along with gases in the air, all of which can interfere with your rest. Certain machines are designed for homes with pets. These machines focus on removing pet dander from the air through a specialized filtration system. Machines designed for those with serious health problems remove allergens as well as the noxious gases in the air that affect a person's breathing. Some purifiers are specifically geared toward those who have allergies.

Benefits of an Air Purifier

With an air purifier, you receive the satisfaction of knowing the air you're breathing is clean. Additionally, if you suffer from breathing problems such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, lung cancer or any other condition that affects your breathing, particles in the air, even if you're not allergic to them, will irritate your lungs and cause breathing difficulties. You may wheeze, cough or become short of breath. It could even lead to a serious medical emergency.

Reduce Allergens

If you're immunocompromised, mold spores are very harmful to your health. You could develop lung infections from the spores. Those who are allergic to anything in the air will suffer from a number of symptoms depending on their sensitivity to the substance. Someone with a mild allergy may experience sneezing, wheezing, coughing, throat or nose irritation, itchy or watery eyes and possibly hives. Somebody who is extremely sensitive to mold or another airborne particle may even be hospitalized or die if they should happen to inhale an allergen.

Repeated exposure to volatile organic compounds in the air could lead to certain cancers. By having an air purifier, you're reducing the allergens, dust, chemicals, microorganisms and other particles in the air. With a purifier, you're left with so little of the harmful particles that you're body can ward them off without a problem. If you have a serious medical condition or a compromised immune system, you're significantly reducing the number of particles you're exposed to that can lead to serious medical problems.

You could find yourself being healthier from an air purifier since you'll be able to breathe and do more around your house comfortably. You'll decrease your risk of certain cancers. You can reduce your medical expenses when you don't have to seek medical attention, especially from the emergency room, as much. Without the allergens and other harmful particles in the air, you'll be able to sleep more soundly. Better air quality may even reduce the frequency and severity of your snoring.

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