How Do Air Purifiers Help Relieve Allergies?

Air Purifiers Effectively Relieve Allergies For New Albany Residents

The American Lung Association and the U.S. EPA both recommend air purifiers to help reduce symptoms of allergies when you are inside your home. Air purifiers remove pollutants and allergens using electrical attraction, ozone or filters. If you are unsure what kind of air purifiers would best address your allergy symptoms, 1st Choice Health and Wellness would be happy to discuss the different kinds of air purification systems and how they would help reduce the sniffling, itchy eyes, sneezing and wheezing caused by allergies.

We strongly recommend the Allergy Machine™ as your first choice for an air purifier capable of thoroughly and efficiently cleaning your home's air.

What is the Allergy Machine™ Unit?

1st Choice Health & Wellness in New Albany is excited to offer the Allergy Machine™, a clinically proven air purifier that efficiently removes allergens in household air using a military carbon cloth instead of granular carbon. Military (activated) carbon cloth filters harmful compounds and particulates out of liquids and air and is currently used in radiological, biological and chemical warfare military suits. Certified to reduce the number of airborne allergens by as much as 99.97 percent, the Allergy Machine™ provides year around relief from symptoms of allergies, sinusitis, COPD and asthma caused by pollen, dander and dust.

Specifications and features of the Allergy Machine™ include:

  • Equipped with wheels so it can be moved quickly from room to room
  • Stands 32 inches tall and is 14.5 inches wide
  • Cleans a 1500 square foot area
  • Filtration removes allergens, viruses, bacteria, molds, spores, gases and chemicals from room air
  • Easy to operate/comes with full instructions
  • Operates using an energy efficient PSC motor
  • Engineered airflow creates clean, allergen-free air

 Health Benefits of Air Purifiers Like the Allergy Machine™ Unit

In addition to clearing the air of pollen, dust, dander and other respiratory irritants, our air purifier also:

  • Removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from your home's air. VOCs are chemicals found in carpets, paint and other household items that may be harmful to your health in higher than normal amounts.
  • Removes tiny insects such as dust mites and mosquitoes
  • Removes pathogens responsible for causing respiratory infections that exacerbate allergy symptoms
  • Removes smoke and other lingering odors to keep your home smelling fresh and clean
  • Reduces the level of stress hormones in the bloodstream by relieving allergy and asthma symptoms
  • Help remove outside pollutants and vehicle fumes that infiltrate your home
  • Improves your quality of sleep by opening nasal passages and reducing coughing/sneezing fits
  • Improves immune system functioning by alleviating the constant physical stress of allergies and other respiratory illnesses

Air purifiers are also useful for young children and elderly people with compromised immune systems that make them susceptible to coming down with infectious bacterial and viral diseases.

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