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Shoulder pain is a common cause of discomfort for countless people across the country. In some cases, shoulder pain develops due to an acute injury. 

In other cases, people might have a chronic medical condition that leads to shoulder pain. As a whole, shoulder pain falls into one of four major categories. These include:

  • Tendon Damage: Stemming from either tendon inflammation or a tendon tear, a tendon is the portion of a muscle that connects it to the bone. Common examples of tendon inflammation include bursitis or tendinitis. A rotator cuff tear is an example of a tendon tear.
  • Instability: In some cases, the shoulder joint itself might be unstable. This can lead to discomfort when people move the arm.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis leads to inflammation in the shoulder joint, causing pain. Arthritis is an example of chronic shoulder pain.
  • Fracture: A fracture is a crack in the bone itself. This might include a crack in the upper arm (the humerus) or a crack in the shoulder joint.

The good news is that our shoulder pain doctors in New Albany can help with these categories.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain 

Some of the most common causes of shoulder pain include:

Bursitis: Bursitis refers to inflammation at the top of the arm bone near the tip of the shoulder. Some of the most common symptoms of bursitis include shoulder pain, swelling, and redness. This irritation takes place in a fluid-filled sac called the bursa. The bursa is supposed to cushion the tendons and protect them. When this sac becomes inflamed, this leads to pain.

Tendinitis: Shoulder tendinitis takes place when the tendons that connect the muscles to the bones of the shoulder become inflamed. Typically, this takes place in the rotator cuff due to overuse. Shoulder tendon overuse is common in sports involving an overhand motion such as swimming and baseball.

Tendon Tears: In some cases, the shoulder tendons might be torn completely. This is what happens in a rotator cuff tear. A rotator cuff tear can either appear acutely (when the tendons are strained to the point of tearing) or gradually (with small tears appearing over time). When someone suffers a rotator cuff tear, he or she will not able to lift his or her arm over the head.

Impingement: Impingement can be used to describe a number of conditions; however, this usually refers to a pinched nerve that travels through the shoulder. This can happen when swelling compresses nerves in this area, leading to shooting pains that travel down the arm.

Instability: Shoulder instability is usually a chronic problem that arises when the head of the upper arm bone (the humerus) has been dislocated out of the socket. While this dislocation can be reduced, it also destabilizes the shoulder joint. This means the humerus can move around more than it should, leading to discomfort. The good news is that there are ways to manage this condition.

Arthritis: Arthritis is a chronic medical condition that leads to inflammation in the joint space. When this condition develops, inflammation degrades the cartilage the usually exists to cushion the joint. The result is that bony surfaces rub against each other, leading to pain. This can make it hard for someone to move their arm, restricting its range of motion.

Fracture: Finally, a fracture can also involve the shoulder joint. Typically, fractures are acute injuries that result from a direct impact to the upper arm and shoulder. Some of the most common causes include sports and motor vehicle accidents. A New Albany shoulder pain doctor will have to take an x-ray to look at the fracture, ensuring it does not require surgical correction.

These are some of the most common reasons why someone might have shoulder pain. Shoulder pain treatment in New Albany, IN can address all of these concerns.

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Shoulder pain can be a serious quality of life issue. This is why everyone should rely on a trained medical professional for shoulder pain treatment. If you need to see a shoulder pain doctor in New Albany, IN, contact 1st Choice Health & Wellness at 812-945-4500 to make an appointment! Otherwise, contact a chiropractor near you!


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