Neck Pain & Back Pain FAQ

Neck & Back Pain Relief: Our New Albany Chiropractic & Wellness Team Answers Your Questions About Upper & Mid and Lower Back Pain

If you have back or neck pain, it's wise to seek help instead of just hoping to see it if it will go away on its own. At 1st Choice Health and Wellness, our New Albany chiropractor team has the resources and services available to help you find relief and get to the root of your issues so that your healing is as complete and long-lasting as possible.

Our New Albany Chiropractic & Wellness Team Answers Your Questions About Back Pain

  • How common is back pain? Very. Estimates show that at least 80% of the population will experience at least one low back pain episode in their lives. 

  • What's causing my back pain? There may not be a clear cause as to what's causing your back pain, although the common underlying diagnoses we identify at our New Albany chiropractic clinic often include: arthritis, joint subluxation (misalignment), nerve impingement (e.g., radiculopathy or sciatica), muscle strain, ligament sprain, degenerative disc disease, or disc herniation or bulge.

  • What other symptoms may occur with back pain? In addition to pain (often described as achy, dull, throbbing, or sore), people who see us for back pain issues may also complain of related symptoms including stiffness, muscle tenderness (knots or spasms), decreased mobility in the hips and legs, numbness, weakness, and/or tingling in the legs, and decreased tolerance to activity. Duration, type, and intensity really depend on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Am I at risk?  As mentioned, the majority of us can expect to have back pain at least once in a lifetime. You may be more at risk for it if you smoke, are primarily sedentary, have a physically demanding job, or are overweight or obese. Unfortunately, a prior episode of back pain is in itself a risk factor for recurrence, as well—which is why seeking professional care is so important.

  • What can a chiropractor do to relieve my back pain? A doctor of chiropractic is an excellent clinician to consult in the event of back pain. Our New Albany chiropractor team offers a variety of drug-free services that relieve pain and other symptoms by getting to the root of the issue. 
    • Spinal adjustments help relieve pressure on nerves and discs and realign spinal bones and joints
    • Acupuncture triggers an influx of natural pain-killers like dopamine and can elicit a variety of other healing physiological responses in the body
    • Physical therapy is helpful for prescribing therapeutic exercise that can promote tissue healing, strengthening, and flexibility; we can also assess and correct your posture and body mechanics.

Neck Pain Relief at Our New Albany Clinic: Frequently Asked Questions

1st Choice Health & Wellness is happy to help patients understand and overcome neck pain. Here are answers to frequently asked neck pain questions here at New Albany clinic.

Woman with neck pain needs chiropractic care.

  • Do I have whiplash? If you experience neck pain following an auto accident or other intense physical impacts, you could have whiplash. The extreme back-and-forth motion of the head in such instances causes neck pain, stiffness, and other painful symptoms such as headaches, shoulder pain, and TMJ pain.

  • Why has my neck gotten more painful with age? Age-related degeneration of the cervical spine often leads to slowly-progressing neck pain. Arthritis of the cervical spinal joints may be caused by age-related loss of disc height. Spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis are other age-related disorders that can cause neck pain.

  • How do longstanding alignment problems contribute to neck pain? If your head is off-balance on your neck, the misalignment can place unnatural stress on your neck muscles. Over time, this can lead to chronic neck pain.

  • Is it possible that my work is hurting my neck? Workplace ergonomics can certainly cause or aggravate neck pain. If your work environment forces you to crane your neck upward, droop your head, or keep your head turned on a constant basis, you may experience overuse or repetitive-motion injuries. 

  • What is text neck? Text neck is a specific type of neck strain caused by adopting a "head-droop" position all the time. It is so named because it tends to afflict people who are always staring down at their smartphones.

  • How can chiropractic care help me overcome neck pain? Chiropractic care can correct the underlying biomechanical problems behind many cases of neck pain. Our chiropractic team can undo the work of acute injuries or chronic misalignment to restore comfort and functionality to your neck.

  • What other techniques do you recommend for fighting or preventing neck pain? In addition to chiropractic care, we may recommend a number of other helpful therapies as part of a complete neck care treatment program. For example, we may prescribe massage therapy to soothe chronic neck muscle tension, acupuncture to assist in pain relief, and/or physical therapy to rehabilitate damaged neck tissues and improve your neck's range of motion. We can even recommend lifestyle changes to help you avoid neck problems going forward.

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